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The Scoop on Pink Flamingo

Let's Talk About Pink Flamingo...

  • Local Excellence: Pink Flamingo Pool Company is a woman-owned business headquartered in Fort Mill, rooted in the local community.

  • Certifications and Assurance: We hold the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and HUB certifications, coupled with full licensing and insurance, ensuring a comprehensive protective shield for all our operations.

  • Tailored Services: Distinguishing ourselves from franchises, we pride ourselves on the ability to customize our services to align seamlessly with your unique needs in the Charlotte area.

  • Versatility in Expertise: From residential to commercial pool cleaning, Pink Flamingo Pool Company is adept in every facet. We're sizable enough to handle any job while maintaining a commitment to valuing each client individually.

  • Safety-Centric Approach: Our commercial pool technicians boast Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certifications, a testament to our commitment to providing the most optimal and safe service.

  • The Promise of Enjoyment: Beyond cleanliness, Pink Flamingo Pool Company is dedicated to making your pool not only cleaner but safer and more fun.

  • Client-Centric Focus: Your satisfaction is not just a goal for us; it's a commitment that we uphold with pride and diligence.

  • Pink Flamingo Pool Company is here to make your pool cleaner and your days brighter! We love making your pool sparkle! 

Stay Cool, We've got your Pool.

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