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Pool Pump Repair


Pink Flamingo Pool Company provides hassle-free professional service that ensures your total satisfaction, and guarantees long-lasting quality and enjoyment. 


The pool pump is the heart of your pool’s plumbing system. Without it, your pool wouldn’t circulate and the water wouldn’t stay clean by flowing through the filtration system. A broken or dysfunctional pool pump results in stagnant, dirty and potentially dangerous water. There are several signs pointing to a broken or dysfunctional pool pump, including:

  • Loud squealing or growling noises

  • Leaking water

  • Doesn’t suck air

If you believe there may be an issue with your pool pump, it’s best to act fast. If left untreated, problems with your pool pump will quickly lead to larger issues that involve your entire pool. In order to make a proper diagnosis, Pink Flamingo Pool Company will come to you and analyze your pool pump and system.

Quality Pool Pump Products

Whether your existing pool pump is fixable or you need a new pump, we have the skills and products to best fit your situation and budget. We repair all pool pumps and install new ones with quality, brand-name products. Some of the brands we use include:

  • Pentair

  • Hayward

  • Jandy

  • Laars


Installing a pool is a long-term investment on your home, and keeping your pool healthy is an investment for your wallet. No one knows pools like we do, and we can help determine the best service option for you, your home and your pool.

Pink Flamingo Pool Company Serves Charlotte and Surrounding Areas

When it comes to your pool pump, proper function is essential. While many pool owners may attempt to repair or replace their pool pump themselves, it’s a tricky and risky process. Repairing your pool pump requires electrical and technical knowledge, and a professional pool pump repair service will ensure total recovery. Because pool pumps are such a substantial part of your pool, it’s important to conduct proper maintenance, repairs and upgrades. The Pink Flamingo Pool Pros will get your Charlotte pool pump up and running so you can enjoy your backyard oasis again! 

Call Pink Flamingo Pool Company today at (704) 957-0038 to schedule your pool repair service!




Stay Cool, We've got your Pool.

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