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Pool Control Services
Automation Repair Services 

If you’re looking for a pool automation company in the Charlotte area, search no further than Pink Flamingo Pool Company. We have the experience to install or repair any automated pool system. Whether you’re interested in incorporating an automated control system into your pool remodel project or you need repairs on your existing equipment, our technicians have the knowledge to get the job done.


There are many perks you can enjoy when you choose to automate pool processes with one of the systems we offer. Automatic pool systems help you take the guesswork and daily stress out of managing and using your swimming pool. They give you the ability to access its functions from one easy control panel. You’ll have the ability to:

  • Schedule pump and filtration run times for all seasons

  • Turn the spa on or off

  • Program lighting & water features

  • Streamline heating and cooling functions


The heart of pool automation is the control panel. There are many models and types to choose from, ranging from expensive and elaborate controls for commercial pools to more modest controls for the home. These control panels can operate dozens of functions, from sanitation to light shows and are conveniently affixed to the wall from inside your home. You no longer have to worry about which valve hiding under a dusty spider web needs to be turned in order to adjust the pool temperature, control the lights, or turn on the hot tub. The best part is that they can often be managed right from your smartphone with an integrated app.


When you choose an automated pool system, you’re choosing to conserve energy and save money on utility costs. The flexibility of programming necessary pool functions ensures that your equipment will run at peak efficiency utilizing minimum energy. We can assist you with programming your equipment to run during off-peak times as well as scheduling several shorter cycles instead of one long cycle. Automated control systems also give you the freedom to turn on lights, adjust temperature, turn on waterfalls, and change the flow patterns from vacuums to skimmers from a central control panel or even your smartphone.


Pool automation takes the work out of owning a pool. If you are ready to start automating essential pool and spa functions, contact us today. We will happily walk you through all of the options and find something that meets your needs and budget. As always, we provide free quotes. Take it easy when it comes to maintaining your pool and trust Pink Flamingo Pool Company to install your automated pool system in Charlotte.

As technology continues to advance at a dizzying pace, more and more systems and devices are being developed that add convenience to different parts of our lives. When it comes to swimming pools, there are quite a few things that can now be taken care of with a simple push of a button or with a handy remote control.

Call Pink Flamingo Pool Company today at (704) 957-0038 to schedule your pool repair service!




Stay Cool, We've got your Pool.

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