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Pool Opening

Pool Opening Service

When it's time to swim again, leave the hassle of opening your swimming pool to Pink Flamingo Pool Company

The Pink Flamingo Pool Crew will do the work for you. 

Residential and Commercial Pool Opening Services

A lot of work goes into opening a pool for the summer. It can be frustrating and overwhelming. When things get complicated, call the Pink Flamingo Pool Crew to get your pool ready to go! 


Pink Flamingo Pool Company offers affordable and professional pool opening services for both residential and commercial swimming pools. We are dedicated to ensuring that your start to swimming season starts off smoothly. 

Here is our process:

  • Remove pool cover, treat it with protectant and stow away for customer

  • Remove winterization plugs

  • Inspect pool, filter, pump, heater, and deck accessories for damage

  • Reconnect filter, pump, heater and Startup pool equipment

  • Reinstall deck accessories (i.e. ladders, handrails, etc.)

  • Perform a water chemistry test and water level check

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Stay Cool, We've got your Pool.

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