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Pool Light Repair


Pink Flamingo Pool Company is your most trusted source for pool light repairs in the Charlotte area. Your swimming pool should be a safe and enjoyable part of your home where you can relax in your leisure time and make memories with family and friends. If your pool lights won’t come on, call us right away so we can diagnose and fix the problem. We will direct you to the lighting options that would provide the most value to your home. Is the light bulb out? Possibly need a new bulb and gasket, a new led pool light? Maybe a color led pool light? We provide and install a variety of different pool light options. 

Pink Flamingo Pool Company works hard to restore your pool lighting so that you can swim safely after dark.

We work on, repair and upgrade all brands of pool equipment, including Pentair, Hayward, Jandy, Laars and more. Our experienced team can inspect, diagnose, and repair any pool system, including lighting and electrical. If there’s something wrong with your pool, give us a call today so we can find a solution.

We strive to give every client the absolute best customer service experience. Every crew member agrees that customer satisfaction is our top priority. We appreciate the trust our clients put in us to clean and repair their swimming pools. The Pink Flamingo Pool Crew is always happy to answer your questions and work around your schedule as much as possible.

Lighting Repair Services

If your swimming pool or spa lights are beginning to flicker, or if they will not come on at all, the Pink Flamingo Pool Pros will repair them to make sure your area is safely illuminated for you and your guests. We are pool lighting specialists who can solve any problem your pool lights exhibit. We also install new bulbs, replace old ones, and upgrade regular pool lights to modern LED lighting and colored lights.

Our swimming pool light repair services include:

  • Light Bulb Replacement

  • Light Fixture Replacement

  • LED Bulbs Installed or Replaced

  • Fiber Optics Installed or Repaired

  • Electrical System Diagnostics and Repair

  • New Pool Lighting Installation

  • Spa Lighting Repair and Installation


On our pool equipment repair visits throughout Charlotte and the surrounding areas, we see all kinds of lighting problems in spas, hot tubs, and swimming pools. You can rely on the Pink Flamingo Pool Crew for expert repairs, replacement, or pool light installation. Here are some of the most common pool and spa light problems:

  • My swimming pool light doesn’t work or won’t turn on.

  • My spa, hot tub or swimming pool light has water in it.

  • I need to replace a pool light bulb that has burned out.

  • I need to repair a broken underwater pool light niche.

  • I think I need a new swimming pool light fixture.

  • I’m interested in new LED pool light installation.


Almost anyone can replace a lightbulb inside the house. When it comes to underwater pool lighting, however, this is a home repair best left to the pros. Repairs involving both water and electricity carry the dangerous risk of electrocution to the inexperienced. Please don’t take that chance.

A broken or burnt out light bulb in your pool, spa, or hot tub can be the symptom of more significant problems. Even when a pool light does need replacing, certain bulbs require a total set replacement. The Pink Flamingo Pool Crew can save you time troubleshooting and protect you from a potentially unsafe situation.


Do you know what kind of pool lights you have? Incandescent, halogen, fiber optic, and LED were all common pool light bulb technologies at one time or another. Upgrading your pool or spa lights to the latest, high quality, long-lasting LED bulbs may be something you’re considering to avoid frequent bulb changes, save on energy costs, or even add a dash of color to those fun night swims. Pink Flamingo Pool Company can help.

Call Pink Flamingo Pool Company today at (704) 957-0038 to schedule your pool repair service!



Stay Cool, We've got your Pool.

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