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Pool Inspections

Pink Flamingo Pool Inspections

If you’re looking for buying or selling a home with a swimming pool, you may want to consider hiring a pool inspector to ensure proper pool functioning. Pink Flamingo Pool Company offers quality and professional pool inspections to ensure that your pool is in good shape and safe to use. All our inspectors have the necessary qualifications and certifications to conduct thorough pool inspections services for both residential and commercial clients.

We will perform a full inspection of your pool and everything around it. We will inspect the following during your scheduled session:

  • Decking and coping around the pool, including the ladder and handrail anchors

  • Circulation system

  • Filtration system

  • Electrical components

  • Heating units

  • Attached spa and water features

  • Diving board and slide

Your fence and gates will also be inspected to ensure they meet all safety requirements.

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Whether you are looking to purchase a new home with a pool or a seller who is looking to list an existing property, it is extremely important that you reach out to one of our Pink Flamingo Charlotte pool inspection specialists. Following any of our inspections, you can expect a full written report that details our finding on the pool’s structural integrity, electrical components, and chemical levels. To request a free estimate regarding our inspection services, please reach out to one of our Pink Flamingo Pool Pros by calling 704-957-0038 at your earliest convenience.

Stay Cool, We've got your Pool.

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