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Meet your Pool Crew


Lauren Christensen

Owner & HR Manager

Lauren is on a mission to make Charlotte fabulous, one sparkling pool at a time! She's the paperwork wizard and fun expert, meeting clients and admiring their pools.


A proud Virginia Tech alum with an M.A. in Psychology from UNF, Lauren supports her team through the challenges of pool maintenance. She even adds humor when surprises appear in the skimmer basket.


As the creator of the stylish Pink Flamingo uniforms, Lauren’s love for pools and the Charlotte area demands perfection. She builds a crew of strong, intelligent, and funny pool pros, treating every Pink Flamingo client as part of the coolest crew ever. 


With the prettiest pools in Charlotte, Pink Flamingo Pool clients enjoy a stress-free, sparkling experience thanks to Lauren’s handpicked expert team.


Tyler Sheets

Operations Manager

Meet Tyler, the ultimate multitasker at Pink Flamingo. Trained by founder Dana Christensen, Tyler has been key to our success.


He expertly juggles client assistance, scheduling, and repairs, all while sporting his Clemson and Cowboys caps—maybe it's time for a Panthers hat?


Tyler ensures Pink Flamingo runs smoothly and efficiently, with his passion and commitment driving our growth.


Beyond his pool expertise, Tyler’s wit cuts through the water like a swimmer. He cracks jokes as effortlessly as he handles repairs. Got a question? Tyler is just a phone call away, ready to assist!


So, next time you see someone juggling tasks and spreading laughter, that’s Tyler—the poolside legend who helped build Pink Flamingo into what it is today.


Dale Cupp

Service Manager

Dale isn't just the friendly face at Pink Flamingo; he's the backbone of our pool care team, embodying our values of excellence and dedication. From training technicians to troubleshooting pool issues and charming new clients, Dale's role is crucial to our success.


As the first face clients typically meet, Dale offers pool consultations, trains our technicians, and keeps an eye on their performance. But he's not just a pool pro; he's also a bowling sensation. Whether you need pool advice, bowling tips, or a good laugh, Dale's your guy.


Dale's been our secret weapon in getting Pink Flamingo to where we are today; his pool prowess, dedication, and knack for rescuing critters from pool skimmer chaos have saved the day more times than we can count. So, for pool help or a rescue from a pool predicament, Dale's your guy; he's always ready to dive in and save the day with a smile.



Matthew Majestic

Lead Pool Care Technician

Meet Matt Majestic, the Pool Whisperer Extraordinaire! With three years of experience in commercial and residential pools, Matt is a certified water expert.


Lauren, struggling to hire the perfect pool tech, hears from a friend about their talented nephew. One call later, Matt Majestic joins the team. His vast pool knowledge and cool demeanor make him an instant hit.


Matt is not just the pool king; he's friendly and helpful. Need advice on water chemistry? He's got you. Worried about a mysterious pool creature? Matt's your hero.


Thanks to the friend who recommended Matt, a fruit basket won't suffice—perhaps a lifetime of pool floats and sunscreen will! 


Matt Majestic makes pool care an adventure, with wisdom as deep as his heart of gold.


Mordecai Christensen

Pool Care Technician

Meet Mordecai Christensen – pool pro, social media dynamo, and good vibes guy! From Springfield, VA, this Cardinals fan has filled Pink Flamingo Pool Company with infectious positivity.


Mordecai, Dana’s half brother and Lauren’s brother-in-law, ensures pools are perfect and social media is buzzing. Expect videos inspiring your next poolside bash!


Beyond pools, Mordecai is a soccer star and fitness enthusiast. His happiness is so contagious the crew jokes it's in their contracts to be happy.


With boundless energy and a bright smile, Mordecai is a walking happiness machine. Rumor has it his positivity might earn him an unplanned dip in the pool!


Is Mordecai real? We wonder, but while he’s here, we’re soaking up his good vibes, turning workdays into poolside paradises. He’s making waves of joy throughout the company.


Derek Markis

Lead Pool Care Technician 

Meet Derek, Pink Flamingo's pool care maestro! His remarkable motivation and professionalism set a new standard, making maintenance a mesmerizing display of excellence. Beyond pool greatness, Derek is the team's MVP, bringing fun and zen to the workplace.


Derek is a pH level expert and a team player, always ready with pool care wisdom. He's not just destined for pool greatness; he's preparing for an HR takeover at Pink Flamingo, waking colleagues with a cheerful "Rise and shine, fellow Flamingos!"


Derek balances chemicals and resolves issues with ease. His brain filters out the irrelevant, leaving only pure pool wisdom. The Zen master of algae-free thoughts, Derek is the expert Pink Flamingo needed.


Need pool knowledge? Just ask Derek. Who needs a lifeguard when Derek's on duty? And check out Derek saving Bambi on our Instagram!


Taiviahn Kelly

Lead Pool Technician

Taiviahn, pronounced Tie-vee-on (but feel free to call him Tai, like "tie"), is one of our newest crew members. While he might be new here, he's no rookie when it comes to pools! With over three years of experience, Tai started his pool journey in sunny Florida with a company named Flamingo Pools. Yep, you heard that right—Flamingo Pools! How's that for a splash of irony? When Tai stumbled upon our job posting, it was like the pool gods aligned—pure kismet.


Tai enjoys...




Tanner Martin

Pool Care Technician

Meet Tanner, another new addition to the Pink Flamingo Crew and we are thrilled to have him! Tanner graduated from USC Lancaster and then pursued a career in logistics. How's that for some more irony? Lauren and Dana met while working in the field of logistics and Dana left that field to start Pink Flamingo! It's a lot more fun being in the sun than stuck in a cubicle for sure! 

Tanner hails from Clover, SC and he has a bachelors degree in XXXX USC Lancaster. He loves making music and so you might see him humming along to some good tunes when taking care of your pool. 


Tanner also played soccer for USC Lancaster. He loves the sport and also roots for Messi. Mordecai said that he couldn't join the crew if he rooted for Rinaldo. 

Tanner enjoys


Jeremiah Pride

Pool Care Technician

Jeremiah is one of our newest and youngest members of the crew. You wouldn't know it by talking to him though. This guy is smart and polite! He recently graduated from Rock Hill High School where he played on the varsity soccer team. Upon discovering that he was super smart, polite, fun, and also a fantastic soccer player - we knew he had to join the crew. We might just have to start our own soccer club with all of these awesome athletes! Don't worry, they hit the field way after the pools are done for the day. 

Jeremiah enjoys 




Dana Christensen

Lauren's husband, Dana Christensen, founded Pink Flamingo Pool Company in 2020 after a long and successful career in logistics. A true California dude and UC Santa Barbara graduate, Dana always had a pool growing up and would stay in until he turned into a prune. During the pandemic, he decided to turn his lifelong love for water into his profession. Thanks to Dana's dedication and hard work, Pink Flamingo thrived.


Sadly, Dana passed away unexpectedly in 2022. Since then, Lauren has taken the helm, supported by Tyler, Dale, and the fantastic Pink Flamingo crew. We're sure Dana is beaming with pride at how his pandemic brainchild has blossomed into a roaring success, bringing joy and poolside fun to many.


Dana loved water so much he practically had gills, and his legacy continues to float on, one pink flamingo pool float at a time. His spirit lives on in every splash and every smile, ensuring that fun remains at the heart of Pink Flamingo Pool Company.

Stay Cool, We've got your Pool.

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