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Meet the Crew

Get to Know Your Pink Flamingo Pros


Dana Christensen

Dana wears many hats at Pink Flamingo Pool Company (not just the visor). He is the founder and owner of Pink Flamingo. He also loves pool maintenance and repair work. Dana grew up in Thousand Oaks, CA and graduated from UCSB. He then worked in the corporate world for way too long! He has been an avid swimmer his entire life and just loves the water. His fondest memories have always been poolside. This inspired him to launch Pink Flamingo Pool Company and he has never been happier. He also will never go back to the corporate haircut! Gotta love the locks! 


Lauren Christensen

Lauren is Dana's wife and heads up all the office biz! Lauren graduated from Virginia Tech (go Hokies) and then later got her M.A. in Counseling Psychology from UNF. She utilizes her experience as a therapist to help create a positive environment for our team focused on wellbeing, productivity, and growth. She also loves picking out the Pink Flamingo uniforms and has been seriously considering hot pink cargo shorts! What's your vote?


Alex Hurt

Alex is the man responsible for the name "Pink Flamingo Pool Company". He loves Florida, palm trees, and pools. When Dana decided to open a pool cleaning company, Alex already knew what the name had to be! Alex is Lauren's brother and moved to Charlotte to help run Pink Flamingo. He got his B.A. from George Mason and then got a degree in welding! He just loves being hands on and helping clients. He also loves the long locks and rocks his in the mullet style! 

Gracey Rowan

Yes, we know that isn't an actual photo of Gracey. We need to get one! We will soon, but until then enjoy this cute Pink Flamingo float photo! Now here's the scoop on Gracey! She has been the absolute greatest gift to Pink Flamingo! Gracey joined Pink Flamingo with over two years of experience in the field. She loves working around water and being outdoors. She is one talented tech and also just an all around awesome person! 

Stay Cool, We've got your Pool.

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