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Pool Heater Repair and Installation


Pool Heater Repair Charlotte

Charlotte has beautiful seasons and it can get a bit chilly in fall and winter. A pool heater can increase the value of your pool investment. A pool heater can extend your swimming season while keeping you feeling comfortable. Whether you use your pool for exercise, therapy, relaxation, or fun, chances are you want your pool to provide the best in comfort anytime of day, year-round. Pink Flamingo Pool Company provides the pool heater expertise and advice to transform your pool from ordinary to luxury!


If your pool heater isn’t working or the water temperature doesn’t feel right, we can identify the issues and begin repairing it immediately. Pool heaters can maintain your pool’s water temperature to any level desired, regardless of how cold or warm. The recommended pool water temperature is about 78 degrees, although people typically like their water a bit warmer—at about 80 degrees.

Common Pool Heater Problems

  • Pilot light issues: this could be due to low gas pressure, low air supply, or improper venting

  • The gas, plumbing or filter valves aren’t open

  • Low gas pressure or improper venting

  • The thermostat is out of calibration

  • A faulty high-limit switch

  • The heater isn’t getting adequate air flow: this could be due to external bypass, reversed water connections or a pressure switch that needs adjusting. This causes the heater to cycle on and off before reaching the desired temperature

  • Problems with the heat exchanger

  • Clogged burner openings

Pool Heater Repair

Pool heaters are complicated. Diagnosing and repairing a pool heater can be a tricky process, as well as dangerous. When dealing with gasoline or propane, knowledge is vital. Treading with experience and caution are a must.

Pink Flamingo Pool Company offers full pool heater repair service to the Charlotte area. Our trained technicians can repair your pool heater to factory condition.  After the initial appointment is made, a Charlotte pool heater repair technician will carefully inspect your pool heater, make an assessment and provide a recommendation to best suit your needs. Once you have made your decision, the technician will get to work repairing or replacing parts as necessary and before you know it, your pool heater will be working better than ever.

If your pool heater is in need of repair or replacing, pick up the phone give the Pink Flamingo Pool Crew a call!

Pool Heater Installation

With pool heaters, careful consistency is key. All pool heaters should be installed on a safe, non-combustible material, like concrete. The area that the pool heater is installed in must be clear, without any structures or objects above or around it. These include roof eaves, tree branches and stairs. Generally speaking, there should be at least 24 inches of open, clear space all around the pool heater.

Pool heaters should never be installed by any windows or doors. Carbon monoxide exhaust is dangerous when allowed into any home ventilation system. The best location to install a pool heater is a dry, sunny area clear of all brush, vegetation and sprinklers. When it comes to installing pool heaters, hiring a professional is the safest and most effective option. Self-installation often results in botched jobs and incorrect placement.

Quality Products

Pink Flamingo Pool Company can repair and install virtually any pool heater. We work with high quality brand name pool heaters, such as:

  • Pentair

  • Hayward

  • Jandy

  • Laars



It is important to have your pool heater tuned up annually by a Charlotte pool technician to keep your swimming experience at optimal comfort. 

Call Pink Flamingo Pool Company today at (704) 957-0038 to schedule your pool repair service!





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