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Green to Clean

Green to Clean
Pool Rejuvenation Service

Get crystal clear water with our Green to Clean pool service.


Pink Flamingo Pool Company is here to help you turn your green, murky pool into a pristine place for you to enjoy. We specialize in “Green to Clean” swimming pool cleaning.


How do you know if you need a Green to Clean?


Green Algae: This is probably the most common type of pool algae. It is often found on pool walls and surfaces. This type of algae will reduce your water clarity and create a green color to your water.

Yellow Algae: This type of algae is sometimes called Mustard Algae. It is usually found on the shady side of the pool clinging to walls and surfaces. Yellow Algae is hard to eradicate and homeowners often spend a season fighting it because it is resistant to normal chlorine levels.

Black Algae: This is the most difficult type of algae to eradicate. Black Algae appears as small black or dark green/blue spots on surfaces. It most often found in plaster pools and the roots will bury directly into your pool surface. The best defense is regular, weekly pool maintenance. 

If you notice that your pool may be turning a color that is not appealing, call the Pink Flamingo Pool Crew! Our team of professional pool technicians will evaluate and remediate the source of the problem (poor pool chemistry, equipment problems, dirty filters, etc.) We will then treat the problem, eliminate the algae, and bring your pool back to sparkling perfection!

Call Pink Flamingo Pool Company for your free Green to Clean Charlotte estimate today! 704-957-0038

Stay Cool. We've Got Your Pool. 

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