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Pool Electrical Repair Services 

Pools and spas have a number of electrical items associated with them that must be installed and maintained in order to function properly.

How to Tell if there is a Pool Electrical Problem

There are quite a few problems that can occur if an electrical system for your pool or spa is not working properly, including: 

  • Strange noises such as grinding or whining

  • Unusual bubbling sounds

  • No response from control systems

  • Green or dirty water in the pool

  • Strange or unpleasant smells

  • Water jets not functioning

  • Unexpectedly high power bills

  • Tripped breakers

  • Lights or other features not turning on properly

These problems and others are generally related to a problem in your pool or spa’s electrical systems, and not taking care of them quickly could mean an even more complicated problem and higher repair costs down the road. If you are experiencing any of these problems, or some other situation that might be related to your electrical system, then it is in your best interest to contact Pink Flamingo Pool Company right away so we can work with you to get it taken care of.

What Pink Flamingo Pool Company Can Do for You

When it comes to your pool or spa’s electrical system, it is never a good idea to try and fix the problem yourself, or to work with a pool technician that doesn’t have the skills, experience, and licenses needed to give you the quality of care and peace of mind you deserve. Whether you’re dealing with a failed light or need the entire system rewired from start to finish, our technicians are ready to help you get it taken care of.

Some of the repair services we offer include:

  • Electronic control troubleshooting

  • Pool pump repairs

  • Light repair and replacement

  • Sensor repairs

  • System wiring

  • Whirlpool wiring

  • Underwater lights

  • Motor repairs

  • Heating elements

  • Filtration systems

  • Timer control troubleshooting

  • And more!

By working with a technician that has the skills and experience needed to do the job right the first time, you can get back to relaxing in your pool as quickly as possible with the peace of mind that comes with knowing the problem has been taken care of. Pink Flamingo Pool Company can even offer advice about the current state of your electrical system and point out any other areas that may be of concern so it won’t become an unexpected problem in the future. 

Call Pink Flamingo Pool Company today at (704) 957-0038 to schedule your pool repair service!



Stay Cool, We've got your Pool.

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