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Pool Repairs

Swimming Pool & Spa Repairs 

Pink Flamingo Pool Company is dedicated to ensuring that your pool and spa equipment are running properly. Our team of professionals repair all pool equipment and accessories including pool heaters, pumps, filters and salt systems. From minor equipment repairs to major ones, our staff has the expertise to handle them all. We use modern technology in our repair services that enables us to do our job quickly. Pink Flamingo Pool Company only top quality, warrantied parts.

If you’re experiencing problems with your pool equipment, don’t hesitate to call Pink Flamingo Pool Company. Our pool repair Charlotte team can repair pumps, filters, heaters, automatic controls, timers, blower motors, valves, plumbing, and chlorinators. 

Our basic service charges for repairs are quite reasonable and affordable in comparison to the rest of the pool companies in Charlotte.

At Pink Flamingo Pool Company, we do everything we can to repair your pool and restore it to its fullest levels of quality and enjoyment. We can repair and upgrade all brands of pool equipment (Pentair, Hayward, Jandy, Laars and more). Our abilities also extend to electrical, plumbing, lighting and even heating aspects of your pool. If there’s something wrong with your pool, we can fix it!

Why use Pink Flamingo Pool Company Charlotte pool service?

  • We provide a full detailed report and invoice for every pool service.

  • We cover our work with a 100% workmanship guarantee.

  • Every pool technician has gone through a comprehensive training process.

  • We support all major brands warranties on our installations.

  • All operators carry full insurance.

Call Pink Flamingo Pool Company today at (704) 957-0038 to schedule your pool repair service!



Does your pool pump gurgle or squeal when it kicks on? Is it leaking water? Is it sucking air? Problems with your pool pump spell bigger problems for your pool if they’re not resolved quickly. Luckily, Pink Flamingo Pool Company is your expert for pool pump repair in Charlotte, NC. We’ll do what it takes to diagnose pump problems and provide repairs, to ensure everything is functioning smoothly once again.



Having trouble with your automated control, time-clocks, or freeze-guards? Pink Flamingo Pool Company will get you back up and going fast! We can also upgrade your pool system to the latest automation for easy control of your equipment.



Need pool or spa lights installed or bulbs replaced? We’re pool lighting experts, with the abilities needed to ensure your pool and spa are always well-lit. Be sure to ask about upgrading to the newest colored lighting for your pool or spa! Pink Flamingo Pool Company is your expert for swimming pool lights in Charlotte, NC

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Having a heated pool is another luxury on top of simply having a pool! To make sure you’re always stepping into a spa or pool that’s heated to perfection, it’s critical to trust Pink Flamingo Pool Company for pool heater repair in Charlotte, NC. We’ll resolve troubles with your heater turning off early, not heating enough and more, to keep your pool or spa comfortably heated at all times.

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Poor plumbing can cause leaks and other issues. Let Pink Flamingo Pool Company remedy your plumbing issues by providing you with expert part replacements and plumbing repairs. 


From issues with tripped breakers or GFCI’s in your pool equipment to needing new electrical work at your pumps, Pink Flamingo Pool Company is adept at providing electrical repair solutions for any amenities your pool enjoys. We provide the highest quality pool electrical service in Charlotte


Filters need to be cleaned or replaced? When filtration troubles occur in your pool, call us to set them straight. We offer filter cleaning and whole filter replacements. Call the Pink Flamingo Pool Crew if you need your swimming pool filter change in Charlotte or the surrounding areas. We are here to help you. 


For pool equipment replacement and pool equipment upgrades in Charlotte, contact the experts at Pink Flamingo Pool Company. Sometimes the best option is to totally replace defective equipment because the cost to repair is too much. It may also be necessary to upgrade outdated equipment so that your swimming pool functions at the most optimal level. When working with a Charlotte pool company, it is important to know you are being treated fairly and that your pool guy is not trying to up sell you things you don’t really need. We will always be honest about any replacements you may need for your pool or equipment. The Pink Flamingo Pool Pros will make sure you get the best pool equipment at the most affordable prices in Charlotte

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Stay Cool, We've got your Pool.

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