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Pool/Hot Tub Refill Authorization and Liability Waiver Form

Our Policy on Pool and Hot Tub Filling

Typically, Pink Flamingo Pool Company does not fill pools or hot tubs due to liability reasons. We avoid this step to prevent any potential issues or misunderstandings related to water costs or possible damages during the filling process. However, given the unique circumstances of your situation, we can assist by placing your hose in the pool or hot tub and turning on the water to begin the refill.

Dangers and Liability Issues of Filling Pools or Hot Tubs

Refilling pools or hot tubs can lead to several potential issues:

  1. Water Costs: Unexpectedly high water bills if the fill process uses more water than anticipated.

  2. Structural Damage: Risk of overflow causing water damage to property.

  3. Equipment Strain: Rapid changes in water levels can stress pool or hot tub structures and equipment.

  4. Chemical Imbalance: Refilling can disturb the delicate chemical balance, potentially leading to water quality issues.

Client Authorization and Liability Release

We want to ensure everything proceeds without a hitch, so we kindly request your permission to use your hose and water supply to refill the pool/hot tub. Please note that while we are happy to assist, we cannot assume liability for the cost of the water used or any potential issues that might arise during the filling process.

By signing this form, I authorize Pink Flamingo Pool Company to use my hose and water supply to refill my pool or hot tub. I understand and agree to the following:

  1. Water Costs: I assume full responsibility for the cost of the water used during the refill process.

  2. Liability Release: I release Pink Flamingo Pool Company and its employees from any liability or claims related to potential issues or damages that may arise during the pool or hot tub filling process.

  3. Responsibility: I acknowledge that Pink Flamingo Pool Company is assisting me in this process as a courtesy and agree to hold them harmless from any resulting costs or damages.

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