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DE Filter Cleaning

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DE Filter Cleaning 

Full DE Filter Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Disassemble DE filter and remove grids

  • Fully clean the inside of DE filter tank

  • Thoroughly flush and clean grids with garden hose, removing contaminated DE from the surface of the filter elements.

  • Fully disassemble grids from manifold (if needed)

  • Inspect grids for tears, holes and broken frame

  • Lubricate stand-pipe O-ring and filter tank O-ring with silicone based lubricant

  • Reassemble filter

  • Re-charge the filter with the correct amount of DE required for your filter

  * Lubricate push pull – slide valves (as needed)

  * Clean the pump pot basket and pool skimmer basket (as needed)

Price: $300

Please confirm here that you would like to purchase the DE Filter Cleaning service today.

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