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Acid Wash

Pool Chemical and Acid Washing Services

We are Acid Wash experts and we aren't talking about those jeans from the 80's.

At Pink Flamingo Pool Company, we do take chemical washing seriously. We know that an unclean pool can cost you bundles in repair and maintenance as algae, metals, oxidization, and staining builds up.


You want a pool that is sparkling and clear - a pool that makes you want to swim in it. Pink Flamingo's acid washing services will bring back your pool's original beauty.

What will Pool Chemical & Acid Washing Do for Swimming Pools?

Providing a chemical wash, or acid wash, to your pool will remove foreign particles, oxidized metals, algae stains, salt scale, and most unsightly markings from your pool's surface. If your pool has begun to turn green or is already green, it is probable that the pool needs to be drained and a chemical or acid wash of the pool needs to be performed.


Pink Flamingo Pool Company has years of experience in this, and we have worked with all sorts of pools and pool surfaces in the Charlotte area, year round.

Stay Cool, We've got your Pool.

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